5 Year Plan

5 Year Plan for Heysham Golf Course.

Install new drain down the right hand side of the 18th green on the surround and join up with existing drain front left of the green.
Create a new bunker short right of the 8th green.

Build a new path from the right of the 6th green to the 7th winter tee.
Extend the path from the left hand bridge on the 12th about 30 yards past the wet area.
Remove mound at back of 10th green.
Clear wooded area between 9th and 10th below the small wall.
Continue with replacing sand in bunkers.

Strip the lower level of the 3rd green and raise up 100mm to shed water off the bottom side.
Alter the front left bunker on the 17th hole creating some hidden pin positions.
Strip and re-level 17th tee.
Build a new 18th winter tee.
Remove mounds back of the 2nd green and re-shape.
Continue replacing sand in bunkers.

Fill in back right bunker on 16th and extend the green to that area.
Re-shape left hand bunker on 16th and take further back.
Continue replacing sand in bunkers.

Build new bunker on right hand side of 6th green.
Strip and level the 16th tee.

Drain the driving range.


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