Junior Section


Heysham Golf Club juniors have plenty of opportunities to develop their golf skills.  With possibly the best practice facilities in the North of England combined with a very active junior academy, junior members have the possibility to achieve their very best.  Coaching is provided on a regular basis by Club Professionals Ryan Done and Trevor Newsham.   The junior section is well run by our Junior Organiser, Linda Done and hold many competitions, play matches in the North Lancs League and compete in the Blenkinsop Token annually.

Recently Heysham Golf Club were selected by Lancashire Union of Golf Clubs as the Inspiration Award Winners for 2017.  The club achieved this prestigious award for their contribution to both Junior and Adult golf in the area with extensive coaching and introduction to golf opportunities.  The club is very proud to receive this award and intends to develop golf opportunities in the area further, especially junior golf.


Junior Organiser – Linda Done
Junior Captain – Lucas Done

Blenkinsop Token

Link to Live Scoreboard

This is the premier junior event for the area between Lancaster, Morecambe and Heysham

Blenkinsop Team 2016

golf clubs junior sections.  The Blenkinsop Token was introduced by Mr Stanley Blenkinsop in 1954 to foster the sporting & competitive spirit between junior members of Heysham, Lancaster & Morecambe.     Juniors need to participate in a number of qualifying events to be selected for their team.  The competition takes place on the last weekend of August each year.  Teams comprise of six players all under the age of 18 on 1st January, with five scores counting.  In the event of a tie the sixth score comes into play.  Selected individuals can only play in either the Clayton Trophy or the Blenkinsop Token but not both.

North Lancashire Junior League

Heysham golf club participate in the North Lancs Junior League against teams from Morecambe, Lancaster, Preston, Leyland, Ashton & Lea, Fishwick and Longridge.  Fixtures are below:

23rd AprilJuniors v PrestonHome
30th AprilJuniors v LeylandAway
7th MayJuniors v Ashton & LeaHome
21st MayJuniors v MorecambeAway
4th JuneJuniors v LancasterHome
18th JuneJuniors v LongridgeHome
25th JuneJuniors v PenworthamAway


Past Junior Competition Winners

Peter Coyle Trophy

This is a 36 hole medal. Handicap limit is Boys: 28, Girls: 36

2016 Curtis Done
2015 Adam Guest
2014 Callum Done
2013 Miss B. Fletcher
2012 John Wilding
2011 Jack Friel
2010 Liam Wareing
2009 Ryan Needham
2008 Declan Robinson
2007 Miss. L. Thompson
2006 D. Walsh

Joe Ball Trophy

This is an 18 hole Medal.  Handicap limit is Boys: 28, Girls: 36.

Past Winners:

2016   Robert Hartley
2015   George Faulkes
2014   Macy McKinley
2013   Adam Guest
2012   Matthew Guest
2011   Courtney Milburn
2010   Matthew Guest
2009   Ashton Ward
2008   James McSporran
2007   Miss L Thomson
2006   Rob Smith

Jonty Classic

Presented by John Senior Esq.
This is a 18 hole medal competition. Handicap limit is Boys: 28, Girls: 36

2016   Robert Hartley
2015   Callum Done
2014   Curtis Done
2013   William Thomson
2012   Steven Lane
2011   William Thomson
2010   Liam Wareing
2009   Declan Robinson
2008   Jack Huntington
2007   M. Rogerson
2006   R.Needham

Jim Hargreaves Memorial Trophy

Presented by friends of Jim Hargreaves.
Presented to Junior of the year - voted by the Junior Committee with the following criteria:
- Golfing Ability
- Commitment to Competitions and Junior Matches
- Attendance at Junior Coaching

(Can only be won once)

Past Winners:

2016 John Wilding
2015 Mitchell Wilson
2014 Callum Done
2013 Josh Lamb
2012 Matthew Bargh
2011 Megan Cullen
2010 Liam Wareing
2009 Ashton Ward
2008 Mark Walsh
2007 Rob Smith
2006 Josh Dixon
2005 Trevor Newsham
2004 Jack Senior


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